Art Workshops for 2017

I am proposing to do a series of workshops in 2017.

I have listed 4 outlines so far.

If there is anyone interested in having me come and do a workshop in your area, please read through the following proposals and contact me with dates etc. I am willing to travel and my fees are $350 per day, plus travel and accomodation should I need it. Materials are an extra but have art supplies which can be purchased for your requirements if needed.

Workshop Out line No. 1
Realistic Wildlife – Beginners to intermediate
The object is to draw, compose and paint a wildlife subject in a realistic representation with or without a background. Backgrounds will be covered in the workshop in various forms to enhance the overall subject.
The tutor will demonstrate all aspects of the procedure and then guide participants where needed to complete the painting.
Subject matter will be provided by the tutor with the idea that the participants can then use their own reference using the technique demonstrated to paint at a later date.
A Materials list will be provided with all the materials needed to complete the painting.
The finished painting will result in a realistic representation of the subject and ready to frame.
This can be done as a 1 day workshop or longer using a different subject each day or the participants can do one subject given by the tutor and the following day (s) they can use their own reference using the technique taught.
Learning outcome: watercolour wet in wet techniques, dry brush, composition of subject, background ideas, drawing
Workshop Outline No. 2
Watercolour, gouache and AirBrush with Ink
Wildlife Realism
Using watercolour, gouache and airbrush we will paint a wildlife subject to semi realism.
Participants will be taught how to lay on a simple but effective background as a backdrop to the wildlife subject to be painted.
The painting is done on gessoed matt board which is a delightful experience especially for the beginner as it is very forgiving in that paint can be ‘moved’ if a mistake is made in the process and redone until the desired result is achieved. It also lets the participant create effects which can not normally be made using watercolour on paper.
The subject is drawn and composed correctly on the board and masked to protect it from the airbrushing which is used to create a background as found in a photo with depth of field. The background is primarily to enhance the subject with out overpowering it.
The subject is then painted in in watercolour and gouache medium to create a very realistic representation but using simple techniques to create the illusion of lots of detail
Air brush and ink can be provided by the tutor and a small cost added to the program to cover ink usage.
The end result is a very detailed and realistic subject but using little effort to obtain these amazing results.
Reference provided by tutor for a 1 day workshop. Participants can provide their own reference for further studies.
This workshop is done step by step via demos by the tutor and guidance throughout the process to produce a painting ready to frame.
Learning outcome: Airbrushing, lift of method to create detail, composition, drawing
Material list will be provided
Workshop Outline No. 3
Watercolour Pen & Wash – Beginners to intermediate
Tutor to demonstrate subject using watercolour technique and then pen is used to enhance the subject and using the ink to shadow, highlight etc bringing out the essence of the subject.
Participants are then given reference to draw up and paint and use the technique to compose their own painting.
This method or technique can be used in reverse – draw with the ink and then add colour. Both will be demonstrated and participants can then go on to do their own painting.
These methods can be used for a variety of subjects and suit students who want to improve drawing techniques and use colour to add to the drawing.
Subject matter will include wildlife, landscapes, floral and figurative.
Participants will be encouraged to try all subjects.
Learning outcome: Drawing, composition, confidence in drawing freely and loosely to represent a subject, use of colour
Material List will be provided
Workshop outline No. 4
Face in Watercolour – Portraiture -Beginners to Intermediate
Tutor to demonstrate how to use watercolour to paint a face/portrait. Please note there is no pressure to get a perfect likeness in this workshop.
Participants will draw a face off their own reference or that provided by tutor.
We will learn how to draw a face in the proper proportions and how to use certain rules to get those proportions
We will explore how to get a flesh colour and using shadows etc to create a face with contours and shadows giving a 3d impression.
Participants will learn hair techniques, the use of shadows to contour the face.
How to paint realistic eyes.
Learning Outcome:
To draw a face
Proportions and planes of the face.
How to mix the correct flesh colour
Hair techniques
Material list will be provided